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Escolla PhilosophyAt Escolla, every individual is a priority. We take pride in our holistic approach which we see as paramount in any educational environment. Whilst our field is sport, the educational and core life values that provide the backbone to our programme allow individuals to develop not just in sport, but as people. 

The Escolla name derives from the Portuguese word for ‘school’ and, at Escolla, we emphasise the importance of education. Whilst our research and coaching methods focus on developing players to the best of their ability, we work with every individual to ensure that their education is not forgotten. All of our coaches focus their attentions on educating and equipping individuals for life. It is our focus to provide each player with key values and principles that they can take with them in every walk of life. 

Every player that we work with is different, and as coaches it is our responsibility to ensure that such differentiation is understood. All individuals derive from different backgrounds, with different needs; develop at different paces and have different dreams for the future, and therefore we believe, that values should come first. 

By placing high emphasis on education, at Escolla, players remember the importance of achieving in sport whilst still achieving in school. 


Futsal philosophyAt Escolla, our methodology centres on coaching Futsal as a sport and facilitator when transitioning to football. From extensive research into player development, we see Futsal as an imperative ingredient when developing youth players and our experienced coaches work with players in both futsal and football for a holistic approach to player development.