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Escolla Futsal Club is the pinnacle of the Escolla Programme. We see exit routes as an integral part of our programme and with the opportunity to represent Escolla Futsal Club at local, national and international level, all Escolla players have a an internal pathway in terms of development.

Escolla players will be chosen to represent Escolla Futsal Club when we think they are ready to compete at such a level. Working closely with the Football Association, our internal exit route may be combined with the FA’s development pathway which allows Futsal players the opportunity to progress to regional and national Centres of Excellence, a prelude to the England National set-up.

Those that wish to progress to such a level will therefore have the opportunity to continue develop within Escolla, as well as progressing nationally within the FA set-up.

Whilst training with Escolla Futsal Club, Escolla players will train to a tailored coaching programme, specifically designed to develop national and international players. Regular fixtures will be arranged with other Futsal clubs and as above, a clear progression pathway will be outlined to each member.