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by acls us

With Futsal in it’s infancy in England, at Escolla we feel that the game cannot progress unless coaches are educated correctly in the game and a development programme for coach development is established. 

If Futsal has the potential to improve the standard of player in this country, then, a quality coach education programme will ensure that effective coaches are able to deliver an effective futsal programme. 

By developing a coach education programme for futsal, not only can coaches integrate effective futsal into their coaching programme, but the sport will naturally progress in it’s own right. 

At Escolla we make ourselves available for coach education purposes and offer in-service events to educate coaches on the game of futsal and introduce how the game can be coached for both futsal and football development. 

Working with local FA’s, grass roots clubs, schools and academies, we offer a coach education programme that is tailored to the needs of the respective coaches. 

Our programme includes seminars, coaching days and in-service training and is available to clubs and coaches of all levels in both futsal and football.